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Screenshots of Plume CMS

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Categorie screenshot
Categories management.

File manager
Very easy to add/remove files, when the file is an image it is possible to create a thumbnail for it and the width and height is given.

In the home you can see the last resources or search for some other by category, date or through the search engine. The search engine orders the results by score, to provide you first the best results.

Each user can personalize the interface to match his need, like languages or theme, you do not have to set complex preferences as an automatic learning system remembers your last choices and proposes you the ones most likely to match, like the size of the edition area, the category to put a resource in, the edition format or the last folder you visited.

Website mangement
It is easy to manage many websites with the same installation.

The system can be extended through plugins.

Smart 404 errors
To avoid 404 errors, you can automatically redirect the user if you have moved a resource. If still, the page is not found, the error page includes an automatic search of the website using the keywords in the requested page address.

Search manager
It is possible to reindex any resource at any time and clean the index of unused words.

You can notice that the main menu has accessibility shortcut with Alt+KEY. The interface is done it be able to maximize the use of the keyboard.

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