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Participate in the life of Plume CMS

Participation in the life of Plume CMS is easy. You can easily report a bug, contact the developers, discuss with the other users and get involved in the development of Plume CMS.

In very short

I found a bug!

First, we are sorry! We really try to create a bug free software, but hey, sometimes bugs are really hard to catch, so thank you for your help in providing us the needed information to squizz this one.

Here is a list of details we will ask you to provide when writing the bug report:

  • Your version of Plume CMS. For example 1.0.4. If you are using a subversion version, please provide the revision number.
  • Your version of PHP. For example 4.3.11.
  • Your version of MySQL. For example 4.1.18.
  • Your version of the GD graphic library.

You can easily get all these details from the information tool of Plume CMS. To do that, go in the manager, then click on the Tools tab, then on the PLUME CMS information tool.

Then you need to prepare a little text to describe the problem. This description should be a list of steps to reproduce the problem. For example this can be:

1) Log in the manager
2) Click on Categories

Results: An error says I have not the rights
to see the page.

Expected results: If I have a link to the 
Categories I should be able to see them.

Ok, you have your version of Plume CMS and the other details, you have a nice description of the steps to reproduce the bug. It means that you have a clear view of the problem.

Go! Submit the bug! (But do not forget to check if somebody else has already submitted the same bug before!)

I want to discuss with other users

Just go on the user group, everybody is welcome.

I want to contribute to the development

Yeah! You rule! You can contribute to the documentation, the design, the marketing and the code. Just come on the developer forum and propose your help.

You can provide your tips on the wiki.

I found a security problem

Oups! Please contact as soon as possible the developers and provide all the details you have. We will immediately assess the security issue and inform the users on the security list. Thank you for your help!

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