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Plume CMS

Versatile Content Management System in PHP on top of MySQL.

If you are looking for a simple to use, yet powerfull content management system, you may have found what you are looking for. Plume CMS can be installed through a simple script on all major platforms available, give it a try ! It is so fast to install that you will ask all the scripts to have the same installation procedure.

With a single installation of PLUME CMS you can have multiple websites, file management, multiple authors with different rights and websites in any languages thanks to a full utf-8 support. Plume CMS proposes a flexible plugin infrastructure to extend it and is fully accessible with output providing standard compliant code by default.

Plume CMS is hosted on the SourceForge servers.


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Plume CMS 1.2.3 released !
2008-07-11 21:38
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Plume CMS 1.2.3rc2 Released
2008-06-21 18:08
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Plume CMS 1.2.3rc1 Released
2008-01-27 10:32
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Plume CMS 1.2.2 Released
2007-01-12 07:06
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Plume CMS 1.2.1 Released
2006-12-01 19:51
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